With the ability to deploy to remote locations, TLS has completed projects across Australia and the South Pacific.

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Please see the following brief summary of works completed.

Recently Completed Projects

PROJECT NAME: Hogan's Pocket Landfill
CLIENT: Mackay Regional Council
TYPE: Landfill Cell
JOB DESCRIPTION: 166,000m2 of geosynthetics & 1,285lm of HDPE leachate pipe to Cell 3
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           With a site located in far North Queensland TLS was able to mobilise a crew when required, and complete the works without delays. With a 4 layer geosynthetic system with HDPE pipe, TLS was able to procure all the materials from our suppliers and have them on site before the installation was required.

PROJECT NAME: Stapylton Landfill Cell 6
CLIENT: Gold Coast City Council
TYPE: Landfill Cell
JOB DESCRIPTION: 112,000m2 geosynthetics and 900lm of leachate pipe to landfill
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS developed and implemented a revolutionary method for the integration of leachate aggregate placement with the installation of geosynthetics and pipework. This method saw no heavy construction traffic on top of installed geosynthetic lining system

PROJECT NAME: Reedy Creek Landfill Cell 2A & 2B
CLIENT: Gold Coast City Council
TYPE: Landfill Cell
JOB DESCRIPTION: 106,300m2 geosynthetics and 1,100lm of leachate pipe to landfill
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS worked closely with head contractor and Gold Coast City Council to ensure site maintenance and quality management issues were resolved in a timely manner throughout the course of the project to the benefit of all parties.

PROJECT NAME: Rosedale Tailings Storage Facility
CLIENT: Exact Mining
TYPE: Resource
JOB DESCRIPTION: 545,000m2 Tailings Dam
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS worked assisted Exact Mining with the geosynthetics for the Rosedale Tailings Dam which covered an area of 545,000m2. Working on a mine site with strict safety guidelines, TLS adhered to all requirements and were able to complete all our scope without delays working in with Exact Mining.

PROJECT NAME: Brou Landfill
TYPE: Landfill Cell
JOB DESCRIPTION: 22,000m2 of geosynthetics & 320lm of HDPE leachate pipe
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           Most of the installation was conducted on steep batters which required our crew to be “working at heights”. TLS supported RD Miller from the beginning of the tender process all the way through to completion of the works. The installation was completed on time and without any disputes

PROJECT NAME: Santos Leewood Project
CLIENT: Osmoflo
TYPE: Resource
JOB DESCRIPTION: 5000m2, of Geosynthetic Clay Liner
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           On a site heavily involved in protests by the public, TLS conducted the installation of GCL in the upmost professional manner. TLS had completed the installation ahead of schedule.

PROJECT NAME: Onslow Landfill Capping
CLIENT: Ertech
TYPE: Landfill Capping
JOB DESCRIPTION: 152,000m2 geosynthetics consisting of GCL, drainage geocomposite  and jute mesh
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           Onslow Landfill Capping is one of the first landfill projects in Western Australia constructed to BPEM standards. TLS managed to complete the installation of geosynthetics while enduring harsh weather conditions with temperatures rising to 45 degrees. Management of fatigue, heat stress and associated OHS issues were paramount to the successful delivery of this project

PROJECT NAME: Hilldene Landfill Cell 5A & 5B
CLIENT: Mitchell Shire Council
TYPE: Landfill Cell
JOB DESCRIPTION: 43,000m2 geosynthetics to landfill cells 5A & 5B
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS maintained the highest standard of quality assurance for this BPEM landfill construction project. Project completed the installation of geosynthetics ahead of program during the wet season in Victoria.

PROJECT NAME: Pasminco Cockle Creek Smelter Containment Cell Capping
TYPE: Capping
JOB DESCRIPTION: 80,000m2 geosynthetic capping system to containment cell of contaminated material.
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                  TLS worked on a site described as “the most contaminated in Australia”, the installation of the lining system was integral to the $2.6B remediation project. The highest standards of OH&S and quality were paramount throughout this project.

CLIENT: Georgiou Group
TYPE: Capping
JOB DESCRIPTION: 70,000m2 of geosynthetic to former BHP waste site, Kooragang Island.
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           Throughout the project, TLS was required to maintain the strictest of environmental controls and hygiene standards working on an area home to one of NSW's most endangered frog species, the Green and Golden Bell Frog.

PROJECT NAME: Newcrest Cadia SWD Lining
CLIENT: Newcrest Mining Ltd
TYPE: Resource
JOB DESCRIPTION: 78 hectares of geosynthetics to waste rock dump at Orange, NSW.
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           Working through winter in the NSW central tablelands and under substantial time pressure, TLS delivered a high standard of workmanship in near freezing conditions enabling the client to proceed with surface mining operations with no delays.

PROJECT NAME: Katoomba Leachate Pad
CLIENT: Blue Mountains City Council
TYPE: Leachate Pond
JOB DESCRIPTION: 5,000m2 of geosynthetics to Leachate Pad and Stormwater Dam at the Katoomba RRWMF
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS had to conduct the installation in two mobilisations as the client was not able to prepare all the earthworks for one installation. TLS worked with the representatives of the council to instruct and assist with the earthworks preparations.

PROJECT NAME: Channel Lining Works
CLIENT: Multiple contractors and head clients
JOB DESCRIPTION: Over 1,000,000m2 of geomembrane throughout NSW and northern Victoria.
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS has been engaged on multiple government funded irrigation modernisation projects over the course of 3 winter seasons. Constantly moving work sites, working on private land and reporting requirements for federally funded projects were all managed by TLS and delivered in a satisfactory manner