With the ability to deploy to remote locations, TLS has completed projects across Australia and the South Pacific.

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Please see the following brief summary of works completed.

Recently Completed Water Projects

PROJECT NAME: Bruce's Track Bio Solid Storage
CLIENT: Whelans Group Investment
TYPE: Waste Water
JOB DESCRIPTION: Water Containment Pond
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS worked in with Whelans to make sure the project ran smoothly and that we would stick to our construction program. Due to all the recent bad weather in Victoria we monitored and worked out the best timing to mobilise. TLS successfully complete the project on time to which our client and their client were very pleased with the finished product.

PROJECT NAME: West Camden Liner Replacement
CLIENT: Sydney Water
TYPE: Waste Water
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS was contracted to replace part of the liner system in the IDAL 2 at Sydney Water West Camden after continuous leaks from existing works. TLS worked in with Sydney Water and the consultants GHD to come up with an approach that would work best for dealing with existing works, as the client did not want to replace the whole pond.

CLIENT: JK Williams
TYPE: Irrigation
JOB DESCRIPTION: Water Holding Pond
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS worked with JK Williams to complete the 20,000m2 water holding pond during the tough climate of winter with constant changes with the weather. We provided assistance to help them get the subgrade ready, and once ready we sent a specialised crew to complete the installation efficiently before the next weather event came. The site had very strict Health & Safety guidelines to follow, to which we adhered to and made minor changes to the way we conducted the works.

PROJECT NAME: Marulan Liner Replacement
CLIENT: Divall's
TYPE: Irrigation
JOB DESCRIPTION: Lining of ponds
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS assisted Divall's throughout the tender process to ensure they could put the best offering forward. The project consisted of an existing 9,200m2 pond with liner that had fallen to piece. Divall's removed the existing liner and prepared the subgrade, to which TLS then conducted the installation through harsh weather conditions to ensure there were no delays for our client.

PROJECT NAME: Channel Lining Works
CLIENT: Multiple contractors and head clients
TYPE: Irrigation
JOB DESCRIPTION: Over 1,000,000m2 of geomembrane throughout NSW & Northern Victoria
CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS:                                           TLS has been engaged on multiple government funded irrigation modernisation projects over the course of 3 winter seasons. Constantly moving work sites, working on private land and reporting requirements for federally funded projects were all managed by TLS and delivered in a satisfactory manner