Floating Cover Capabilities

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Total Lining Systems offers design, manufacture and installation of tank and pond covers for all potable or waste water storage facilities. TLS offer low initial costs and easy upkeep to make them a practical choice for your geomembrane floating cover.

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TLS have multiple designs to work with depending on your application. For a project specific design contact us for a floating cover that's right for your application




Construction of a floating cover is a craft. TLS experience, skill and pride of workmanship are all key ingredients along with certified technical ability and a commitment to Quality Control. TLS floating covers are built to last and manufactured out of high grade flexible membranes, and ensure cleaner potable water with greater chemical stability.

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Overall maintenance for our covers is generally low, however we advocate and provide instructions on routine inspections and periodic cleaning. Additional maintenance services are also available by TLS at competitive rates



1. Biogas storage

2. Odour control

3. Onsite safety

4. Reduction of green-house gases